The element of surprise is key ingredient in our philosophy. Unexpected Catering provides distinctively delicious cuisine in contemporary settings. We do our best to use biological ingredients to prepare healthy and exceptional dishes. We also give our utmost professional attention to the menu choices and how those dishes are served. We cater for galleries, openings, and private events. Book us now for a unique experience!

West - 8th Nov 2015

Emily Kocken, Salon Sémiotique

  • 2 Canapé: Avocado cucumber with paprika sauté and Beet & beet paste with pink pepper
  • Spicy cauliflower frit
  • Colorful pumpkin soup 
  • (Cashew nut, mango and cream on) comes with bread & salad
  • Almond milk jelly with apricot 

Stroom - 4th July 2015

The opening of the exhibition A Burning Bag as a Smoke-Grey Lotus of the Canadian artist Gareth Moore.

  • Cream chees on Cucumber
  • Beet dip with Poffertjes
  • Cauliflower frit
  • Vegetarian Spring roll
  • Fried soy meat with vegetables marinated in say sauce.
  • SOMEN (Japanese summer noodle) with herbs mix with hot sesame oil and plum vinegar. 
  • Cold strawberry soup with Avocado sauce